Advance ticket purchase

You can request your wristband in advance, until Friday 15, so you can access the festival without waiting, just showing your wristband to the Festival Organization.

You can pick up your wristband, the day before the festival starts, Friday 15th from 12:30 p.m. on the Senator Parque Central Hotel seventh floor (Room 704).

Phone: +34 649 145 057 Nityananda (Spanish/English) / 722 50 77 53 Elisabeth (Spanish)

Ticket: 10 euros

With your wristband you have access to all the Festival activities, both days, December 16th and 17th. 

Whithout place reservation.

As the capacity is limited and there isn’t place reservation, it’s recommended to review the schedules on the website or in Organization and choose the activities in which you want to participate in advance, in order to arrive in time to the halls and not delay the activities start or bother the other participants.

At least, you must keep your wristband, while you stay in the Festival area and to access the 16th and 17th days.

The VWYMF 2017 wristband are made in an unbreakable and waterproof paper with a single-use adhesive closure, which allows the wristband to be worn for several days without problems.

To remove the wristband you have to break it, leaving it useless. Broken or damaged wristbands will not be accepted.