Arrives Valencia Winter Yoga Festival (VWYF); a celebration to share proposals for build a better life. After the fourth, and final edition, of Ruzafa ShowRoom (last yoga festival organized by Valencia Consciente), we thought about expand the space, because the other hall wasnt’t enough to accomodate everyone. Driven by the development and natural growth, born Valencia Winter Yoga and Music Festival. This year we celebrated our 3rd edition.

The same philosophy, committed by people who share proposals and lifestyles to growth, with more resources and greater projection capacity. An open space to exchange and learning knowledge and experiences, with Yoga as a guide to connect with your Self.

It will be a few days of classes, lectures, workshops, consultations and concerts. Will have a multiple proposals to expand the consciousness and to experience ways to grow up and be happy. With a large space so that we can share, as every year, comfortable and enjoying the experience.

We know that change is always a personal choice, and can only attain being here and now. Actually, that society with wich we are connected and living, change only through people who really want a change, and do it in their lifes.

It’s a great time, great challenges appear that give us opportunities for growth. For these reasons, Valencia Winter Yoga and Music Festival is a celebration to change, where enrich us through our presence and proposals, building together; ’cause the protagonist is you, we are.

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