Graduate in Fine Arts, teacher and creative.
Her project Harmonyzarte, was born seven years ago, for the formation and creation of conscious art for the welfare and personal growth, both for children and adults. She has more than 20 years experience as a teacher with children and adults.
She has worked for bilingual schools in Valencia, so he has a high level in English. Also, she dedicates herself to the illustration of mandalas, the conscious graphic design by computer, the harmonic decoration of places, painting exhibitions and lectures-conferences for the dissemination of knowledge.

During the Festival.
Stand with Mandalas and creative designs.

Saturday 16th, from 12:45h to 14:15h, at the Salón Turia.
Activity: “Mandalas workshop for conscious attention (Mindfulness)”. Mandalas are artistic creations that are currently more known, but have been used since ancient times. Their origin is oriental, they are composed of a circle with geometric shapes inside, although there are variants. Their properties, are not only decorative too, by coloring a mandala you experience a state of concentration and relaxation that anchors you in the present moment, the here and now, as well as other benefits.

This workshop is created to be used as a tool or tool for the artistic creation of mandalas, and thus, to leave a traditional education contrary to self-knowledge, to offer a space of freedom and love that grants the welfare and personal growth of the spirit in both children and in adults.

Sunday 17th, from 9h to 10:30h. at the Salón Turia.
Activity: “Mandalas workshop for conscious attention (Mindfulness)”.